Effective database management improves the performance of the business and minimizes the risk for outages and loss of data. Efficient database management reduces cost to the business by managing database growth and sprawl with archival and consolidation planning. AccountabilIT’s database management service addresses the following dynamics.

Protecting and Optimizing Your Critical Data

A poorly managed database environment causes a severe detrimental impact on a business. Poor performance causes a slowdown in worker productivity which results in real costs. System outages and data loss damages customer trust and a breach of data can result public embarrassment to the business.

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Availability – Practical database design will align your environment with your availability requirement. We can help whether you need a single SQL server or a highly available "geo dispersed", "always on" failover cluster that requires zero data loss.

Recoverability – Ensuring backups ran and that the backups are usable are the two most important tasks of a database administrator. We are constantly monitoring to ensure that your backups complete and execute according to schedule.

Performance Maintenance and Tuning – Additional capacity is not always the best answer for a slow or non-performing environment. We can analyze your environment for inefficient execution and ensure that you are receiving the maximum return on your infrastructure investment.

Consolidations‚ Migrations‚ and Upgrades –Thorough capacity planning ensures that your environment is right sized. We can plan and manage changes in your environment to ensure that you are taking advantage of the latest capabilities and that your environment is efficiently sized.

We host and Manage ERP and other Enterprise Applications

Questions to ask about your Database environment​

  • Is my environment getting better or just getting by?
  • What happens if a database goes offline?
  • In the event of a disaster how much data can you tolerate losing?
  • What is the cost of replacing the data that you lost during a disaster?
  • What is the cost of lost business in the event of an outage or data loss?